Photography & Filmmade in Luxembourg

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Atrex goes Goodyear

What you canexpect

Visual storytelling that captures the beauty of the moment.

From photography to film and drone shooting I help you to capture your project, your mission, your message in pictures.


let's make the inconspicuousextra­ordinary

At the beginning there is only one idea in the room. Together with you it is my task to form a story around this idea. A story that is told through pictures, the necessary energy, a pinch of creativity and the right know how.

Alexandre Weidert - Weidart

What isweidart?

is a synonym for my name and my work.

I'm a Luxembourg based Director of Photography and Photograph specializing in Commercials, Social Media Work and supervision for the visual projects of our clients. In addition, it is my responsibility to make the images look beautiful while maintaining to the story we are telling.


visual storytelling?

Boost your message

„Pictures say more than 1000 words“ and are therefore the optimal complement, for your message.

Reach hearts

Reach your customers on a much deeper and more emotional level.

Contemporary witnesses

Nothing captures the beauty of a moment better than a good picture.

let's talk aboutyour idea

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